A few days in Phoenix coming up

Saturday, December 9, 2023 12:31 AM
Headed to PHX for a few days work and actually arriving on Saturday - looking to play some golf, get a nice massage or two from a small Asian doll, and check out the clubs. I know PHX clubs are relatively tame compared to those in say South Fl. I plan on checking out Bourbon St, Hilighter, maybe Christie’s and Chica’s. Any other place I should have on my list? Not necessarily looking for extras (though they would draw my attention) but pretty women who will work a lap dance to the fullest. My favorite last time (pre covid) was BSC so definitely returning there. Will report back later!


  • FancyNuts
    7 months ago
    M-Fr, Sugar 44 dayshift
  • rawhide
    7 months ago
    sugars day shift as above
  • Jacks4thson
    7 months ago
    First visit today was to Christie’s. JFC it was so dark I just sat at the bar because I literally couldn’t see anything. Order a Miller Lite. This adorable AA spinner Fuchsia introduces herself. She has a great personality, great smile and an ass that will make any man happy. Did several VIP dances with her, twice. Hands on was encouraged above the waste and though I didn’t probe any holes downsouth my hands were encouraged to roam there as well. Next stop tonite is BSC
  • azdd
    7 months ago
    Not sure of your tastes, but BSC will be busier after about 10pm. Recommendations if they are in the house - Bunny, Scarlett, Roxie, Kat, Barbie, Alliana. This is not an extras club, so don’t get your hopes up but Barbie will allow some southern exploration. Lowest mileage girls are Nicki and Mallory. Cuban blonde Susanna is OK fun with great tits, but a little soft in the middle. I was there Friday afternoon, and there probably 25 girls working, so the talent level should be higher Saturday night, the holidays are coming. Enjoy!
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