Blue Diamond in Louisville, KY

Saturday, October 7, 2023 10:05 PM
This club is closed now; the building has been razed in preparation for new construction. Allegedly, the building is going to be a new strip club, owned and managed by one of the national chains. Rick's already owns the downtown PT's, so I would guess it's not that one. I've updated the club listing. When and if it reopens, I'll update again.


I wouldn't be surprised if it turns out to be a Rick's affiliate. They own multiple clubs in some areas they think have a good market. I know they have 2 in Minneapolis, they've got 3, maybe 4 in NYC. I'm sure Louisville has potential.
7 months ago
Has to be better than what Blue Diamond had become since it was nothing but a very over priced waste of time the last couple of visits. It was a shame, it had a great building and used to be a ton of fun before the changes plunged it into a nosedive.
7 months ago
@JackKash, could be I suppose. One of the names I've heard bandied about is "Pony" I'm not familiar with that one, but the guy who own BD has allegedly improved another property downtown, not far from the existing PT's, that the same company is allegedly buying. I use allegedly a lot in discussing BD because the few times I've talked to the owner, he seems a really shady sort. Pretty sure BD was just a money laundering operation for his coke dealership. @whodey: Definitely agreed. When Bottoms Up closed, Blue Diamond picked up the slack, though I think it was a couple of years before they opened. Then BD did a remodel, and it got even better. Turned into my favorite club for a while. I think the aforementioned laundering is when the prices started to skyrocket. I'm convinced those prices are the reason for the decline, since the services attained an inverse relationship to the price. I heard of a guy (third hand) who supposedly got charged 7,000 in VIP and drinks in one night. The bartender was crooked, and he was silly enough to use a credit card. He got it all back, of course, but still.
7 months ago
Which club was the 7000 in one night? Ive heard a similar story but it wasnt a club out in Kentucky…
7 months ago
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