New York
Tuesday, November 16, 2021 2:36 PM
yesterday was the nhl hall of fame ceremonies. just a few moments ago a club review hall of fame was just brought up. ok - hall of fame themes this week. so be it. introducing an idea of a strip club hall of fame ceremony. maybe a cable channel like showtime will show it around 11pm and run for about 2 hours. the master of ceremonies i would pick none other than jim norton, who happens to be a like-minded degenerate. book a couple of sleaze rock bands from the 80's or 90's. have some girls put on some kind of nude stage show. clubs imho to be inducted for this class: harmony theater-nyc mons venus-tampa mitchell bros-san fran platinum plus-memphis


  • shailynn
    3 years ago
    I think you’re thinking too big and you need to focus more on all the “little people” that make a strip club a well oiled machine. Best bathroom troll Hottest door girl Least annoying bouncer The challenge award: to find a DJ that isn’t named Kyle that doesn’t live off of drinking Rockstar energy drink and drive a Honda Civic with a muffler that makes it sound like a lawnmower PL award: customer that got thrown out of the club the most times for masturbating at his table Are you picking up what I am laying down?
  • twentyfive
    3 years ago
    Stupidest club manager award
  • Warrior15
    3 years ago
    My nominations. - Follies, Atlanta. - Treasures, Houston - Tootsies, Miami
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