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Sunday, November 29, 2020 7:58 AM
Continuing from comments on Subraman's excellent "Caviar" article. Fortunately, in the 'Ville, though the clubs just re-closed recently, pretty much everyone guessed it was coming, so phone numbers were more forthcoming than they usually are. At least one of the girls who finally gave me her number is likely going to be a bust; she knows exactly what I want, I've asked often enough, but isn't likely to give it up. She's at least a good sport, and who knows, maybe I'll get to taste at some point. More likely I'll just get hit up to join her onlyfans. :D Another one who would only do ITC, but was more expensive than I wanted to pay on top of the VIP, has already said she'll see me OTC. Hopefully, she won't want an exorbitant amount. What about you?


His article is still priceless advice for up and coming PLs. As you mentioned across the country most people saw the 2nd shutdown looming.
3 years ago
For some places it would be the third shutdown. I started making visits to clubs again around August (after the second reopen) because I thought I needed to tune the lineup, but then one dancer who was about to get cut suddenly upped her game substantially. Still seeing how that plays out. She's barely drinking age so there's a lot of drama there.
3 years ago
Yeah I assume most PLs and dancers saw another shutdown coming and prepared. Some dancers prepared by hustling extra hard and saving as much cash as possible to get through the shutdown. Other dancers (and a lot of PLs) prepared by exchanging contact info for OTC. A couple of the dancers that I have been talking with have been clear that while they are willing to meet OTC they will only be private dances and nothing more than their dances in the club. They both quoted me prices in line with what they charge for an hour long vip. There is one other girl who has not done extras ITC or OTC who seems to opening up to the possibility. She suggested we meet for dinner to discuss possible options. I just hope she doesn't expect high dollar sugar baby prices. I also have a couple of ladies that I have already had extras ITC but didn't want to meet OTC until now. One of them even quoted me less than the total cost of ITC for the VIP+tip, she said it was more than she would have made after the club got it's cut but she will only meet OTC while the club is shutdown because she feels safer ITC.
3 years ago
Ya fortunately grabbed some new instagram handles prior to the shutdown. I don't bother with ph numbers much any more. With instagram you can see their pics. Anyhoo should be some OTC for the next 3 weeks.
3 years ago
If they use their phone numbers to sign up for Instagram, it has a big brother way of saying they are in your contact list and have an Instagram account. I learned this within 5 minutes of using a phone number to create an Instagram account when a girl started following me because I was in her phone.
3 years ago
As much as a second shutdown seems increasingly unlikely here in the Sunshine state, I have been more diligent in collecting numbers this time around. I had a fair amount of fun the first time we shutdown, I didn't have enough good contacts to ride out the duration with enough variety. I also made absolutely sure to get the digits of two prospects who I think are on the cusp in case another shutdown is enough to push them over. My biggest regret last go-around was not having the digits for the last crop of these types when the clubs shut down and these girls have not reappeared since the clubs re-opened.
3 years ago
You don't have to just join my onlyfans George, you can see me on person if you want! I only charge $998 per hour! 😉
3 years ago
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