Club 390
390 E Joe Orr Rd Chicago Heights, IL 60411


Wednesday, August 19, 2020 8:56 PM
Indianapolis clubs are closed so I’m reaching. . Not A lot going on, on a Friday around 730. $15 and a head scan at the door, they did ask about a mask. Walked into the room. One girl on stage with maybe 5 customers in the place. Saw 3 girls total. More came out later. Girls were masked. Girl on stage was decently hot, dark hair, huge rack, sat and tipped. She didn’t come down for a grind like in Indy, just tweeted in front of me. No boobs in the face. Nothing to really sell me on a private other than saying it would be a good time. Pretty cliche. When she was off the stage she tried to come by, I passed. A few other girls came by and offered to sit. Not much to look at. Don’t like having a conversation with a stripper I won’t spend money on. Drank an overpriced coke and left. Just as I stood up to leave 4-5 girls came out of the back. Not bad looking but I felt the need to check out the dirtiness of Melrose park. On the way out the line was growing, maybe 10 guys. So get there early. Random thoughts. Coke was $9 after tip. The bathroom was down a hallway right inside the door. Had an area that looked like an attendant was typically there, though he wasn’t when I went. Songs were not full length. Also, there was an awkward period between sets with no dancer. More bang for the buck in melrose that’s for sure.

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What’s the best dirtiness in melrose park. Louie’s seen blah to me. Last time I was there I had a stank fish lap dance. Just stank
4 years ago
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