Dying for Sex Podcast

Too much of a good thing is never enough
Wednesday, April 22, 2020 5:13 AM
Anyone a fan of the Dying for Sex podcast? The podcast consists of interviews with an attractive middle aged woman who has been diagnosed with stage 4 (terminal) breast cancer. She decides to embark on a series of sexual escapades to distract herself from her health issues. Her attitude towards sex is curious and non-judgmental. She recounts some interesting and kinky liaisons with men that she hooks up with. While it is not all fun and eroticism (after all, she is receiving treatment for Stage 4 cancer), her attitude about sex and life in general is upbeat and, in my opinion, healthy.


Sounds interesting.
4 years ago
This is probably what I'd do if I was in her position. Not that I'd ever hope to be in her position and I'm very sorry she's in that position in the first place. Nice to know she's getting treatment. When your body is literally attacking itself, who is anyone to judge how you distract yourself from the suffering? I may give this podcast a listening ear.
4 years ago
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