Dominican adult resorts

Rhode Island
Sunday, December 16, 2018 9:08 AM
I’m looking for advice on what exotic resort to go to In the Dominican. I’ve been looking at black beards because it appears the cheapest and would leave me the most cash to spend while there. Is it worth spending more on a fancy resort. Look at 5 days, is that too many


  • Papi_Chulo
    6 years ago
    Prostitution is common in the DR and fairly easy to find female companionship - with a resort you're going to be paying overly-inflated tourist prices and you're experience is dictated by the resort. Most guys do it on their own - resorts/agencies often overcharge and under-deliver. If you do an online search you should be able to get some good info on how to do it in the DR w/o the resort - I haven't heard anyone mention the resorts are the way to go.
  • vajmon
    6 years ago
    I know quite a few Dominican strippers. And they have told me that if you're a white guy (even an old, fat, ugly one) every woman in the DR will want to have sex with you. Dominican women love to fuck and they especially like to be fucked by white guys. So there's probably no reason to spend any money on a resort, just any hotel will probably do. However they also told me that if I ever go to the DR, as a gringo I should never ever leave the tourist areas or else I probably will be either mugged, kidnapped or killed.
  • JAprufrock
    6 years ago
    I did some preliminary research on the DR and Blackbeards was the resort most often mentioned as the most popular. As Papi said, you'll probably overpay at places like that. But the thing that would appeal to me is safety and a controlled environment. Seems like everything you need (pussy, food) is right there and you wouldn't need to stray or go rogue. For now, I've decided against the DR, just don't have enough info to feel comfortable going there, so I'm sticking to Tijuana, a place I'm familiar with, for my next excursion. I've also looked at Costa Rica, staying the the famous Hotel del Rey (look it up). Again, everything you need is at the hotel and no reason to stray (have heard bad things about San Jose, Costa Rica after dark). Might do this in the future. My first preference would be German FKK clubs, but the cost of the flight (three times the cost to fly to San Diego or Costa Rica) doesn't make it cost effective for now.
  • NJBalla
    6 years ago
    As a conissuer of dominican punani I would highly recommend you spend some minutes if not hours on this vlog site. [view link] Its bittersweet that I live in an area where there is enough DR women to never have the itch to visit. However, I still place the highest value on girls living in the DR. DR women who have lived in the US for more than 2 years get so spoiled.
  • NJBalla
    6 years ago
    @vajmon you were being played. The only color Dominican women like is green. Many dominican women are either selling themselves to provide for thier kids or in many cases thier families.
  • bang69
    6 years ago
    There is a resort in the Caribbean. where you can have all the drugs and hookers you want for a week
  • TJ Lee
    6 years ago
    The Dominican resorts should be good since Trump is building another one there.
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