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Thursday, September 20, 2018 5:46 PM
[view link] I think someone else posted this once before, but in the pic in this one, she has an...interesting look on her face. :) And my son was suspiciously quiet on the subject. Of course, his wife was here while we were discussing it. :-/


Do we know if she was forced to submit to a humiliating body cavity search?
6 years ago
Am I alone / wrong is despising the guys who give evidence against her?
6 years ago
@alexsa: To the extent that she forced herself on anyone, or used the authority of her position to “persuade” them to participate, yes you are wrong. Sexual assault is sexual assault. That said, I seriously doubt any of her victims were truly unwilling. At least until their parents found out. In *those* instances, no, you are not wrong.
6 years ago
Good & fair answer, george. FWIW, I agree.
6 years ago
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