Is it me or does a strippers body seem to regress a lot after that 2nd baby?

Friday, November 11, 2016 1:25 PM
I had a former fav of mine come over last night for a little 200 fun. She is still young(24) but she popped out that 2nd baby less than a year ago. She has lost the baby weight but in my mind has gotten too thin and a little flabby. Maybe its because she doesn't do the pole thing anymore and isn't in as good of shape. But this isn't the first time I have noticed this with one of girls over the years. It really seems like that 2nd kid just takes a lot out of woman's body and overall looks.


  • Papi_Chulo
    8 years ago
    I guess it depends on the woman, but one would think the more kids they have the bigger toll on their bodies
  • sinclair
    8 years ago
    Once a woman has a kid, her body goes through the wringer. Stretch marks, saggy bust, wider hips, bigger thighs. I am not sure if going from one kid to two kids has much added effect versus the first kid. I think if a woman has the baby young, like in her teens, she has a better chance to heal up better she is still growing and that helps to offset the effects. I have posted before, postpartum strippers are a big turnoff for me.
  • Jascoi
    8 years ago
    in my experience with one baby they can recover quite well. after that... ???
  • larryfisherman
    8 years ago
    I agree, you start to see the decline after the 2nd baby.
  • 3LeggedMan
    8 years ago
    One of my faves is in her late 20s and just had her 4th about a year ago. She was back to work in about 3 months and now looks as hot as ever. So it all depends on the individual's dedication to her appearance.
  • TheeOSU
    8 years ago
    It definitely depends on the woman. I've known women with 4 or 5 kids that were way fitter than many women with no kids. And the tightest woman i ever fucked had 2 kids but she was the exception not the standard.
  • JohnSmith69
    8 years ago
    It's the rare dancer that doesn't show permanent signs after baby no 2
  • rl27
    8 years ago
    It depends on the gal. One of my favorites danced at the same club during all three of her pregnancies. She bounced back very well after her first pregnancy. After her pregnancy her tits went from an A cup to a nice B cup and she looked hotter than before. The one casualty after her second was her tits, which deflated. She wasted no time getting implants, and although I didn't like the fake look of her boobs, overall she looked even hotter. Her nipples also got a bit longer and slightly thicker, which was a plus to me, although she complained that they were always sticking out after her implants. Se didn't like how "heavy" she got while pregnant and thought it cost her a lot of dances the last few months, so she decided to work out all through her third pregnancy. Don't know what she did, or if it was healthy, but other than her belly, butt, and her tits, the rest of her got no fat on her. She went back to dancing two weeks after giving birth and you couldn't even tell she had a kid. Her tits also looked better, less fake. Her nipples got quite a bit thicker although this time she didn't mind, because of all the attention she got from her nipples poking through her thin top. Another popular dancer I occasionally got dances from, went downhill after each pregnancy. I stopped getting dances after her second, and her third basically ended her dancing career. She went from almost a 10, to a 7 after her first, a 5 after her second and a 2 at the best after her third.
  • jackslash
    8 years ago
    Why can't women keep in shape like we men do? [view link]
  • sharkhunter
    8 years ago
    I've seen a dancer I would rate a 9 go downhill to rate a 6 ish after a baby. Still fat several months after the baby and attempting to get dances from guys who were once eager to get dances. I declined. I was so surprised at the change in her looks.
  • flagooner
    8 years ago
    Very perceptive. Have you thought of a career as an investigator?
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