Another Flag-worthy Review

North Dakota
Saturday, February 7, 2015 1:00 AM
In a recent review of Dream Girls in Minneapolis, MN, the reviewer talks about a "double private dance for about 100 bucks." Last I remember, their lap dances were $20 and the bed dances (three-song sets) were $100. This review is about a Friday night visit, but first he mentions "the 2 girls there" then "a lot of cute and sexy girls with real tits." And he and his buddy seemed to have problems finding a bar, even though Sneaky Pete's is on the main floor and Dream Girls is right above it. Nuts, if you get stamped at Sneaky Pete's, you can get into Dream Girls free (again, last I remember). It really sounds like this guy never went to the club; hell, I don't think he even bothered reading any of the reviews.

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