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Looking to hit a club in every 50 states of the US and any other regions/countries that I can. I prefer rock (Zombie, Rammstein, Ozzy) for a club. I don't go often, so I do work to have fun by following a few suggestions; 1) Tip dancers on stage. If you tip then other people tip and the ladies are much more open and fun. I hate being at a place where guys just window shop all night. 2) Get dances. Wasting money isn't good, but trying to just spend $10 all night makes you a creeper more than a patron. 3) Talk with the dancers like people. We all know it is a business transaction but treating like meat doesn't make the club any fun. Play "Street Clothes" Friend of mine would always look for dancers coming in or leaving in street clothes so you could do a clothed/naked comparison. Makes it more fun when walking around in the world going "oh, I bet you look like this naked". States so far: Texas (Houston area, Heartbreakers, Ritz, etc. San Antonio, etc) Louisiana (New Orleans, Rick's) Nevada (Las Vegas, Spearmint Rhino) Oklahoma (Ponca City, Sadies) Iowa (Des Moines, Lumber Yard, Carter Lake, Spearmint Rhino) South Carolina (Greensville, Scores) Kentucky (Louisville, PT's Showclub) Massachusetts (Boston, Centerfolds?) Illinois (Chicago, Admiral Theater) California (Anaheim area, The Library) Florida (Fort Walton, Red Rose) Indiana (Indianapolis, Brads Brass Flamingo) Michigan ( Deja Vu, Ypsilanti) Bonus = Vancouver, BC, Canada @ Gingers London, England @ Ye Olde Axe + another near Soho Athens, Greece @ Kinky Opera Madrid Spain @ Real Girls