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    13 years ago
    Atlanta suburb
    Platinum Plus got raided. I got busted.
    You should have been busted. $100 fine would have been more appropriate.
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    13 years ago
    Need clothing advice
    I have some very soft, thin sweat pants by Nike. They have zippers at the ankles. You can't tell they are sweat pants. They feel like you're wearing nothing if you go commander. I also sometimes wear some very light shorts, again I always go commander.
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    16 years ago
    Wearing shorts
    Thanks for the comments. I think a couple of things that perked my curiousity were covered well. It isn't that I purposely want to wear shorts to try provide easier access. It is more the fact that I'll be in Miami and the weather will be warm (I hope) and I will likely be wearing shorts anyway. I don't really want to look like a pervert but the appearance of "a dirty old man" sounds pretty appealing to me. I agree that it might be more obvious to a dancer as to why you might be wearing them. Normally I wear very thin, soft slacks. These slacks certainly provide more contact, but more importantly they are much more comfortable for me and for the dancer. I've had a number of dancers comment on how much they appreciate this rather than wearing denim jeans. Normally, when the right dancer comes along under the right circumstances, the slacks go down so it wouldn't matter what I was wearing.
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    14 years ago
    Quest for the Hottest Black Strip Clubs
    Give Angels in Miami a try. It's a great place.