Reported as Closed
Nude Strip Club

Angels Erotic Lounge

14411 US-19 Clearwater, FL 33764
(727) 412-8724
Tues - Sun 7:00 PM To 3:00 AM
Since 2009, Angels Erotic Lounge (formerly Angels Nude Gentlemen’s Club) has never been a typical adult venue. They focus on a philosophy that is unique to the industry; one of feminine energy, creative abundance, and empowerment through artistic expression in various forms. Their operating license requires Angels to be an alcohol-free establishment. Although this may be uncommon for some, it has afforded them some creatively expansive ventures that have both enhanced their environment and specialized their guest experience. One of the notable upgrades occurred in the summer of 2012 when they opened our Premier Hookah lounge. This provided a space for patrons to enjoy impeccable custom blends in a setting no other hookah lounge could offer. Then, beginning in the early spring of 2015, they established our Botanical Tea Bar, featuring Kava and Kratom service. This expansion provided guests with a menu full of delectable, alcohol alternative beverages that further complement the experience. Most recently, in the early fall of 2020, they opened the Art of Angels, Erotic Fine Art Gallery. This gallery offers guests bi-monthly, juried art exhibits with artists from the Tampa Bay Area and beyond, and includes all forms of erotic still-life artwork (paintings, illustrations, photography, sculptures, etc) to complement what we see as living art – the entertainers who grace the stage. Moreover, they host events that bring people and the art community together to encourage and celebrate creative expression.