The O Atlanta
2284 Cheshire Bridge Rd NE Atlanta, GA 30324

The O Atlanta, Grand Opening June 21

Wednesday, June 5, 2024 1:02 AM
I was at The O today, and on my way out, T the bathroom attendant (and general employee there, who used to work at DC) told me that they're having a Grand Opening on Friday June 21 day shift. I will do my best to swing by. As you know they have already reopened but this is apparently more of an event, hope they can get some girls to work and hope some folks come, just wanted to spread the word because I want them to do well.


  • Garfield84
    2 months ago
    The O Atlanta?? What club did this use to be. Did they just change the name of Onyx?
  • ww
    2 months ago
    Location has been host to a lot of club names. Latest was Allure.
  • boomer79
    2 months ago
    Oasis. I think Allure is changing to that name. The Oasis owners own it now.
  • 5footguy
    2 months ago
    "The O Atlanta??" The link and recent reviews are above...
  • goldmongerATL
    2 months ago
    Are the dancers still filming inside and posting on IG?
  • EastCoaster
    2 months ago
    I posted a detailed review last weekend after a recent brief weekday afternoon visit. It was really slow, but I think it has potential. I like extras, and the VIP is well set up for that. Just like Vivide, when they first opened as a so-called "daytime Follies" type of place, I think The O Atlanta will take a while to catch on. Like the OP, I certainly want them to do well.
  • IWantHerOnMe
    2 months ago
    I want the O to work because Vivide has gotten complacent. That's why I want Platinum and Diamond to come back. I hope the grand opening works.
  • 5footguy
    2 months ago
    "Are the dancers still filming inside and posting on IG?" Not yesterday. First time I see that shit I'm calling it out.
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