Where to find the largest natural tits in TJ? (Min cup size G but prefer higher)

Thursday, May 16, 2024 11:10 PM
Subject says it all. Where in TJ can I find girls with enormous, natural tits? Some guys think "DD" is large; not me. I'm looking for cup sizes of G at a minimum, but prefer much higher when I can find them. BBWs are ok with me. Do any bars or clubs specialize in natural huge tits / BBWs? And should I even bother with the Hong Kong given my tastes in ladies? Heard there are lots of "fake boob" women there and I have no interest in fake tits. Failing this, should I go to the Dominican Republic instead, and if so what are some good resources?


  • devl_dawgg
    2 months ago
    The last time I was at the Chicago Club there was a South American dancer with pretty impressive titties. Other than that, I'd suggest Gold Palace and some of the smaller bars in the alley on the back side of HK. Of course, they are going to be older and not nearly as pretty as the HK girls.
  • PutaTester
    2 months ago
    La Gloria has some big girls. However, it is a taxi dance club. Rarely are there strippers on stage. All of the girls are available for sex.
  • PutaTester
    2 months ago
    Also there was a famously chesty wench who worked at AB who is now working in BT.
  • SmithJonesJohnson23
    2 months ago
    Thanks guys!
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