Who are you going to believe?

The truth hurts, but if you accept it, it will set you free
Sunday, April 14, 2024 7:16 PM
A picture says it all: [view link] :D


BRACE YOURSELF It's going to be Stormy for the next few weeks as this NYC criminal trial pops off.
a month ago
a month ago
I believe you're a sheep
a month ago
He cheated on his wife. He paid to cover it up. He’s a shitty person. It’s not a crime (or shouldn’t be).
Hank Moody
a month ago
He cheated on his wife He paid for sex and covering it up LEGALLY.... NDA's happen on a daily basis. She profited from it by breaking the NDA NYC going after Trump only because they want to know where the money came from.... Sorry to burst anyones bubble. But this isn't really going to go no where. It was fought in court in another state. Now NY thinks they got a "different" angle is all. It is just meant as a campaign distraction and to hurt Trump's image. Which you really cant tarnish anymore than it already is.
a month ago
NYC is going after Trump because when you scratch a progressive, out pops Josef Stalin. The true enemy of the American people are progressives, and our forefathers predicted their rise and ensured their failure by crafting the Second Amendment to make sure that we all had guns when they came for us. Kind of funny that progressives don't care that Bill Clinton raped Juanita Broderick and paid her off or that Joe Biden has groped multitudes of women. Let the hooker have her moment in the sun but let us not pretend that this is anything but a grab for cash by her and cheating by the Democrats.
a month ago
Sleepy Don couldn't even stay awake during his trial.
a month ago
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