Black clubs in ATL for extras

Monday, April 1, 2024 12:35 AM
Follow-on to my last thread about Latinas. What about the black clubs in the area? Blaze, Wax? Any extras available there? Especially those open on Sundays. My friend is just getting out of prison and hasn't had any "woman" beyond his right hand in months. I want him to get turned out good by gorgeous ladies of any persuasion.


Ironically, I have been reading reviews on this site (on and off) about clubs that offer extras. For Atlanta the only notable ones I have found are Tattletales Lounge and V Live (or Vividia??). I am actually looking for Birmingham clubs with Extras (you can find that at Club Volcano or Empire but its very YMMV).
2 months ago
At a lap dance oriented club, when black dancers are allowed to even work, they're at a disadvantage. So that can mean wider boundaries. But the urban clubs are almost a throw back to the air dance days. Generally, in those clubs, you're hard money to them if you want to touch them at all. It seems like there are so many immigrant Latina dancers in ATL now, the clubs won't let most of the black ones dance. But the Latinas with lighter complexions seem to treat black customers just fine.
2 months ago
Wax used to be extras heavy but it’s dead now. Your going to have to take a dancer from Blaze to the hotel no major extras in the club.
2 months ago
Goldrush does have VIP rooms and I have seen a couple of guys using them but my experience is that there are expensive and dancers were vague about what is available. I had 2 quote me $55 to the house and $300 to the dancers for 30minutes. Another dancer told me that there would be no fucking but we would have so much fun that I would want to buy another 30 minutes. Yeah right! Dance quality has been hit or miss for me, an old white guy.
2 months ago
ggofv if you go to Tattletales looking for black dancers you're going to be very disappointed 😂 Haven't made it to Pinups yet but I've heard good things
2 months ago
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