Experience with Chicas standing outside Hong Kong?

Wednesday, March 27, 2024 1:01 PM
Is it possible to bring chicas from outside the club to the hotel if you have a room at Cascadas? Has anyone here brought chicks that are standing by the street to their hotel? Is it a good idea? how much do they typically charge?


I have brought both Paraditas (street girls) and girls from the smaller clubs (Gold Palace/La Carreta)) to Cascadas without issue. Know that Paraditas are a very transactional experience. While they may quote you $30 or so, EVERYTHING is extra. Get naked $$, BJ$$, Change positions$$ etc. Do negotiate everything up front so that there are no surprises. My info on prices is a year or so old. I understand that inflation has really taken hold in the Zona. Perhaps other mongers have more recent pricing info.
2 months ago
I've brought girls from other clubs and street girls to my room at rizo and cascada. as long as they have ID and cleared the front desk it's okay.
2 months ago
Everything in TJ is negotiable. That said, if staying at Cascadas, the SGs (street girls) can go there if they have proper ID/health cards. The SGs in the main alley are more likely to go than those on the outskirt alleys/streets. You can (and I have) found diamonds in the rough so to speak, but generally speaking, in my experience, those that stand in front of HK and Cascadas are typically the better quality (in bed) than the others. As far as rates, they're getting to be ridiculous in my opinion which is why I went from goign every month to every few months now. I've been quoted $80 from SGs lately. $50 is on the low end. If you want a SG with just sex, no bj, not fully nude, 1-2 positions, then looking $30-50. Anything more will be 50-80... maybe more as the peso climbs higher in value against the US dollar. It used to be paying in Pesos vs US dollar made a diff but the last 2 times I went, its just about the same, maybe just a couple dollars diff. As long as you can go to HK/Chicago and still get $100 deal, I feel that is the best deal at this point. If you can find a banger at $50-60 in the Alley, who will do EVERYTHING (nude,bj,sex, multiple positions,etc) then thats a good deal now days... just depends on what you want. Right now the peso is 16.5 for every US dollar roughly. When I started going it was 20.5 for every dollar. I hope when it goes back to 19ish, prices will drop, but somehow, I dont think it will... Girls will claim inflation now for the price hike, but when the peso goes down, they'll say "take it or leave it at the same cost. They've already experienced the more money and wont settle so easily.
2 months ago
Any charge by Cascadas or Rizo to bring a SG to your room (assuming you have a room there?)
2 months ago
The quality of street girls has gone down since 2023, many hot girls have gained weights, and no new girls arrived yet. There's no point to go outside.
TJ Walker
2 months ago
@captainfun. No charge as long as they haven't worked at HK or one of their associated clubs in the past...
a month ago
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