Front room etiquette in HK

Friday, March 1, 2024 2:47 AM
I have indulged in some extreme debauchery in the club - fucking with dildos and FIV with girls in shaving cream shows, sucking on tits during fichas and in my book, the best ficha experience, being able to lightly finger a cutie as she straddled me (light pecking too). But am sure there are some more crazy experiences. I personally would like a full on FIV during a ficha. Am willing to compensate in terms of fichas (even wine). Would like to hear what have been your most exciting front room experiences?


  • shailynn
    5 months ago
    Oh shit I didn’t realize SJG is back!!! FRMOS
  • PutaTester
    5 months ago
    Typically, the girls are too shy for pubic displays of affection. And in HK, they are heavily policed regarding such activities, because they want to sell five-minute private lap dances. The smaller clubs have girls willing to allow such activities on the floor,
  • tbot1102
    4 months ago
    @Putatester, you are spot on. Had a good flying visit recently where I was able to get nice pecks from the girls in the front room. Also grabbing boobs freely with a quick feel of the pussy. Not a full on FRMOS (thanks SJG for the memorable (acronym) or “heavy petting”. But still very satisfactory. I came away happy. Review will follow soon.
  • EastCoaster
    4 months ago
    OP: "Would like to hear what have been your most exciting front room experiences [at Hong Kong Gentlemen's Club]." This was during my first visit, back in November 2014 when things were less restricted than they are now (see PutaTester's comment above). I was with two hot chicas, sharing an open booth on the first floor along the wall opposite the stage with the shaving cream shows. I don't remember if I had bought one or both of the girls a ficha drink ($8.00 or $9.00 back then), but I was having a good time with both of them, body parts exposed and hands engaged everywhere. One of the girls, now fully topless, sat up on the back of the booth's bench seat, spread her legs, pulled her thong aside, fingered herself, and then had me eat her pussy in full view of anyone who happened to take notice. Of course, this being HK ten years ago, no one batted an eye. And, yeah, I know what you're thinking. Which is why, upon going through U.S. customs at the border and being asked if I was bringing anything back with me, my first thought was, "God, I hope not." I have returned many times, and all I can say is, so far, so good. 😁
  • tbot1102
    4 months ago
    @Eastcoaster, quite story! I can imagine that happening in the years past.
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