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Dancers sitting on laps

Wednesday, September 6, 2023 3:16 AM
Do the dancers sit on your lap when they come up to talk to you?


9 months ago
Usually no.
9 months ago
I think it is club and state dependent. The interaction of club policy and state law is probably a big factor. I'm a fan of it, but it's rare. I've also been fortunate that it was never a 3 who tried it.
9 months ago
Might if you're Santa Claus 🎅 🤪
9 months ago
All the time. Sometimes it’s too hard for them to do that depending on my state of mind and who said dancer is.
9 months ago
"Do the dancers sit on your lap when they come up to talk to you?" You have to invite them to sit on your lap. If its allowed in the club, it's very likely they will or they may say that they would like to, but can't due to club rules.
9 months ago
Sometimes, most often it's the lean in when they start to chat so they're sure you feel their tits pressed up against your back, your arm...
9 months ago
You know, I never thought about this, but back when I started clubbing, it was more normal than not. Personally, I would rather not have the girl sit on my lap because I feel better if I'm turning her down (which I do more now than before, high standards :)) But now that I think about it, it's more often that they don't sit on my lap. I kind of miss it now that I think about it.
9 months ago
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