Tuesday, September 5, 2023 3:13 PM
Title didn't say it all.


No, It did not. However, I never understood the popularity of the It television mini-series at the time the movie was released. It terrified me as a child, but was not as scary as the first movie. It has been experiencing a precipitous decline as a chosen major since San Francisco has become unlivable and social media companies have been losing revenue; not to mention the market simply becoming saturated due to the former vision of It as guaranteed employment high-income career. I'm not attacking Tim Curry's performance in the television mini-series, but It's like comparing the XboX to an NES. Each were defining pieces of work that broke new horizons and ushered in new generations of follow-ons, but the difference in presentation and abilities is too vast to bother describing. The most apt comparison would be the Bill Skargard's Pennywise is to Tim Curry's as Heath Ledger's Joker was to Jack Nicholson's. But remember, there are 10 types or people in this world. Those who speak binary, and those who do not.
9 months ago
I’m not really a Stephen King fan - but did read the novel and I remember it being pretty good. But that was like 35 years ago, so who really knows.
9 months ago
Good one gmd. We have missed your presence on these forums mate!
8 months ago
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