Fire on American Idol

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Tuesday, April 4, 2023 3:04 AM
American Idol happened to be on in the break room tonight and one of the contestants Fire was a dancer at the club I go to. I’ve had a few VIP’s with her and she would sing during them. Last time I saw her we talked about Law and Order SVU and she sang to The Weeknd. I have a feeling I won’t be seeing her at Headlights Granby anymore after her time on Idol. Ever seen a dancer you’ve met make it on tv?


  • shadowcat
    a year ago
    No but I have had a BBBJ from a stripper that has done music videos that are on You Tube.
  • Mike Rotch
    a year ago
    I used to clap the cheeks of a dancer that became a reporter. I think I saw her on BET doing an interview once.
  • shailynn
    a year ago
    I linked up with a girl at a full service “massage parlor” in Texas that became a low tier porn star. A spa attendant in Toronto that I saw several times showed up in a few rap videos from Toronto artists. A few other strippers here and there that I had met (but nothing more than a few lap dances) that did some porn.
  • wallanon
    a year ago
    So I googled Fire American Idol Stripper and it's a whole thing. Good for her.
  • funonthaside
    a year ago
    Fire is super hot; too bad she moved on from dancing.
  • funonthaside
    a year ago
    I really wish society would stop stigmatizing dancing as a career choice. It provides a high amount of flexibility and a level of income which far exceeds what many other jobs provide...and with a far higher amount of earnings per hour than many traditional jobs. So, a dancer can earn same/more than a traditional job, and with more flexibility and fewer hours. It's one thing if a girl pursues another income source because she's not personally okay with the job. I feel, though, that some feel conflicted about it due to societal views. I believe Fire said she wants a better life for her child. Working 40-50 hours a week at a job that has a strict attendance policy and same/less pay is a better life?
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