4075 Buford Hwy NE Atlanta, GA 30345

New restaurant/bar opening next month

Thursday, June 2, 2022 7:26 PM


Are they going to have VIP ?
2 years ago
just read that to apply for employment one has to submit a resume along with a head shot. what could the reason(s) be for such a request? maybe they'll provide a vip dining area. you may get lucky as your vip hostess and waitress just might display how they twerk after drinks have been served. ya know it's a modern southern kinda thing.
2 years ago
their web site almost ready: [view link] To get back what was lost with Follies we need to set up a new venue using the Membership Club / Private Party Model. SJG
2 years ago
"An immersive and seductive fine dining restaurant set on a novel stage. Succulent gourmet food and elegant drinks." Their description makes it sound like a cross between Hooters and a fine steakhouse which would be a great combo. The fact that they use the Follies logo in the short video clip the posted indicates it could be much more than that.
2 years ago
Hope they are a full service restaurant!
2 years ago
I was alerted to this by a former Follies dancer. I then did my homework to find the FB page. A Website is in progress. I know the stage has been removed. I suspect there is a lot of other remodeling in progress. The former Follies dancer suggested that she and I and another Follies dancer get together and check it out. I'm also in contact with the other dancer and she said "Yes, let's do it". So it looks like I will be taking 2 hot girls out for at least a meal.
2 years ago
You supply the meal. Let them supply dessert.....😉🌝😂
2 years ago
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