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Looks like the final blow for Follies

Thursday, October 14, 2021 6:51 PM
Appeals court rules against Chamblee’s last strip club, dealing fatal blow Full story: [view link]


That is rotten, reminiscent of when enforcement came down on Greenville SC. I guess there will be another club. SJG How Life Should Be [view link]
3 years ago
It seems rare that a strip-club wins a fight against the government or( anyone else for that matter) - as long as P4P remains illegal sex-oriented businesses won't have much of a chance when the government decides to go after them
3 years ago
I don't think this is the case that will close them for good. This was only about last call at 2 AM. the other case bans nudity and alcohol. That is still in appeals.
3 years ago
it doesn't make good business sense to annex the strip club for the revenue then legislate them out of business. both doraville and brookhaven have done the same thing
3 years ago
Tbh now that Vivide is doing good I don’t miss follies. Vivide is closer to city and I don’t have to deal with that traffic leaving Buford highway. Love ya follies but nah, peace.
3 years ago
That their business model and liquor license were invalidated by "annexation" sounds like real bs. However, I'm not sure I buy the owner's argument that stopping liquor sales at midnight would have driven his ledger into the red. A more realiatic concern would be that people would "pre-game" and come into the club after midnight raging drunk.
3 years ago
3 years ago
Century Center, off Clairmont, was the prize of the annexation. They fought a battle with Brookhaven over it. Follies was just caught up in the deal.
3 years ago
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