Strip club visit cured me.

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Thursday, June 17, 2021 12:50 AM
Of my remaining Covid fear. I’m a logical fellow. I’m in my upper 60s, on BP meds, and have a deep seated reluctance to dying prematurely by suffocation (the Covid method). So I took all the recommendations seriously, distancing, hand washing, (good) masks, sanitizer, got used to a bit of lonely. But I like a lap dance now and then. Back in June 2020, local case numbers where I live were very low. Combined with an N95 mask, logic suggested it was worth taking the risk. Took a chance, got a dance, it was great. Then it got much worse and everything was shut down. Avoiding people became the way for a (long) while. I was fully vaccinated by late April but case numbers locally were too high for me to do such a high air exchange activity as getting a lap dance. High case numbers times my 94% vaccine still seemed iffy. Then numbers dropped, and wife said ok. Low case numbers times a vaccine seemed as safe as low numbers with mask. Felt a little funny/nervous driving to a club (early June). But like diving in a cold mountain lake, making up your mind and taking the jump seemed the way to go. Logic said the risk is low. After that 1st lap dance, I realized the fear was washed away, lost in the joy of living. Titties are great. So, hobby reestablished.


  • goodyman
    3 years ago
    Welcome back sir! I myself was in a SC in San Diego when lockdowns started and took advantage of "covid denial" aka "Free" states, FL, GA and TX to continue getting lappers throughout.
  • JamesSD
    3 years ago
    Clubbing in June 2020 wasn't the same. Too many restrictions, too locked down. I got vaxxed back in Feb and once the club was open again I was willing to go. I trust the science.
  • gSteph
    3 years ago
    Scrub, you really do have the reading comprehension/social skills of one of your day old turds. - start acting like FREE PERSON - You mean like getting some lap dances - hell, you approved my review describing such. Sigh . . .
    3 years ago
    Wife said ok to you getting lapdances?
  • gSteph
    3 years ago
    Yes Willy. I'm out and open with wife. I don't go into the details of the details - cause she doesn't ask. But she knows I hug and fondle, do mutual play with nipples, enjoy the grind. Transitioning to the truth took some courage and a few awkward conversations, but was worth it. We do - love and respect - each other. I don't go past my limits. I play with her body basically every day, she knows I'm not going anywhere, and is ok with me having this occasional outside fun.
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