Bars about to reopen in Palm Beach - Hope for South Florida

Saturday, September 26, 2020 2:24 AM
After months of waiting, bars in Palm Beach county will be allowed to reopen Oct 5th at 50% capacity. This is the first of the three South Florida counties (Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach) to allow bars to reopen. Strip clubs will be allowed to reopen and dancers will be allowed to perform on stage, but must remain behind a plexiglass divider. No touching, including lap dances, will be allowed. Strip club employees "are losing employment,” Palm Beach County Mayor Dave Kerner said during the meeting. "I was talking to one of the owners. It’s great there’s a possibility of $25,000 stimulus that may come from the county, but their payroll is $35,000 a week and they’re losing the opportunity to pay these women who are going to migrate to other places and I’m sensitive to that." "Migrate to other places"??? Hell, that started the second clubs opened up everywhere else in the state. No word on Broward or Miami-Dade yet. Not great, but at least it's a start.


  • Dtuscl
    4 years ago
    Looks like Broward county will be reopening as well. No close contact, assigned seating and you may have to work through a ‘sanitizer mister’ to get into the club.
  • gammanu95
    4 years ago
    The governor's order required the counties to allow everything to open to 50% capacity. It's going to be a busy season for strip club fans while the girls move around and everything settles down.
  • Papi_Chulo
    4 years ago
    No lap dances allowed is equivalent to opening restaurants and not allowing people to eat - PLs are not gonna spend very much and I assume it's not gonna be worth it for good dancers to be there if there can't be 1-on-1 services
  • Roadworrier
    4 years ago
    I prolly won’t be back to FL till Jan at the earliest. Basically taking away all the remaining state COVID regs may make for a great Swedish social experiment but it may not help with the infection rate any, given FL is not Sweden.
  • wallanon
    4 years ago
    Careful with the cautious thoughts. Those dudes in the other thread will find you...
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