Fantasies Nightclub
5520 Pennington Ave Baltimore, MD 21226

Does anyone know why the girls at fantasies dont have

Friday, February 15, 2019 11:07 AM
Does anyone know why the girls at fantasies dont have to wear pasties or keep their tops on during lap dances like other cluvs in Maryland?


Fantasies is located within Baltimore City. The city’s liquor board permits dancers to dance nude on stage, but they must be clothed when mingling with customers. On the other hand, the Baltimore County Liquor Board requires that dancers be covered when on stage as well as when mingling with customers. Hence the pasties or latex paint at Millstream, Excape and Christina’s. Anne Arundel County liquor board forbids nude or topless dancing at establishments selling alcohol. Since McDougal’s is BYOB, they are not regulated by AA County’s liquor board. So McD’s has nude stage dancing, nude mingling and nude LDs. But you’re not permitted to touch breasts and genitals, per state prostitution laws.
4 years ago
Because I threatened to dump loads in their basements if they made dancers wear pasties
4 years ago
You're welcome
4 years ago
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