Dear Penthouse

new city, new club
Monday, January 8, 2024 4:39 AM
For the article police, I'll just preemptively say that this submission is too long to be a discussion and I'm not necessarily seeking a dialogue on the topic - unless of course others wish to chime in or share their tale. This is a bit of a Dear Penthouse story that I recently had with a civvie girl. Sharing this for two reasons. Here I have a captive audience of like minded degenerates and secondly, sharing is somewhat inspired by a discussion thread a couple of months ago by a poster who asked the board if anyone had ever been offered sex with a friend by your main check if she was otherwise unavailable. Guessing that some of you remember that discussion. If I recall, everyone who weighed in basically said, that idea being asked about doesn't happen in real life or real relationships. goes. This past summer I was traveling out of town and spending a night at a Marriott Courtyard. I had gone to two SCs that evening and had a great time - a few drinks and lots of dances/fun. Upon return to my hotel around 1:30 am I parked my car and entered through the rear of the hotel. There were three women sitting on chairs on the back hotel patio sipping on a bottle of Hennessey. As I walked up and approached we all greeted each other and they offered a sip. Little did I know that 10 minutes later I'd be balls deep in one of them. They asked what I was up to and I told them that I had just been at a couple of strip clubs. They're not my mom and they're grown women so why not tell the truth. They asked if I had fun and I assured them that I did. They asked if I wanted to have fun with them. I said yes and they said 'you can have any one of us, which of us do you want'. If I'm being totally honest they weren't that cute but I certainly was going to let this opportunity pass me by. I pointed at the cutest of the bunch, likely a six and she covered her face as in, 'not me'. Who knows, may be she wasn't into me or simply not down for that level of spontaniety. So I awkwardly chose the next cutest one who was a big woman, but seemed fun and was definitely down. The least cute one said 'you can take us both'. I had already nutted twice at the club so I replied, 'I don't think I could handle both of you' which was true on a couple of different levels. So my second choice stood up and we made our way to the elevators inside. We went up to my room. I made a bathroom pit stop and came out and she was on the couch. Commece foreplay. Still standing I leaned over and we kissed a bit. Then opened her shirt and then her bra and freed two massive jugs, both with piercings which surprised me a bit since this is a grown ass woman and not a stripper. Either way, I sucked on those titties a bit and she moaned with delight. She reached for the button on my pants and freed my hard cock. She grabbed a hold of it and looked up at me and said 'may I'. That was actually very hot. Being asked permission to suck my dick. Yes, you may. She proceeded to give the best head that I've ever had in my whole life - unbelievably satisfying and perfect technique. After a few minutes I tell her that I'm going to grab a condom. She moves to the bedroom and I arrive to her on all fours on the bed waiting to take my love rocket. I slid in and manage to last for quite a while given my escapades earlier in the evening. Eventually a busted a most satisfying nut inside her (in the condom). She went to bathroom to wash up and returned to me laying in bed. She began to fondle and suck again but the combo of nuts blown, plus cocktails, plus her not being very hot made another round an impossible task. We said our good byes and exchanged numbers. I got a text from her the day after asking if I'd be up for meeting up again. I was totally honest and basically said 'it was a great time but probably not' on meeting up again. If she was cuter, I would have been an emphatic yes despite her living about an hour and 15 minutes from me. She and that other worldly blow job have crossed my mind from time to time but I have yet to reach back out for round two.


Is it possible that a few Adjudicators skipped your first sentence?
5 months ago
Ha! Maybe. Or they are just that hard core in their convictions about what constitutes an article. As the kids say these days: ‘it’s not that deep’
5 months ago
Nope. Just fulfilling his wish.
5 months ago
penthouse was last relevant in the 1980s???
5 months ago
The old Penthouse letters would have been much better if they included notes of reality such as those described by the OP. Closing time hookups with the second-best of three not great options typified most of my "dating" life when I was single. Penthouse Magazine was in its heyday then (dirtier than Playboy but, unlike with Hustler, you could still look the girl at the checkout stand in the eye when you bought it) and the venereal (we knew our Latin in those days, kids) disease we feared most was herpes, because it was incurable
4 months ago
I Wouldn't Have Went With The Other Girls If The 1st One Covered Her Face That Was The Better Lookin' Of The Bunch Unless The Others Were Atleast #7 Rate & Solid Body @ That. I Really Need 8 To 10 Rate In Most Cases. Even On The Internet!
3 months ago
I'm sorry, isn't there some rule about the fact that if there aren't pictures and videos then it didn't happen? Just kidding, fun story. :)
Book Guy
a month ago
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Not an Article. Should be posted on Discussion Board

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