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Utah Fetish Girl
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I have been a stripper in Utah for over a decade. Prior to dancing I was a frequent customer of titty bars and sold shoes/clothing to many dancers and escorts at the infamous Blue Boutique as far back as 2006. "Professional Dominatrix" is my career choice and it is reflected in my dancing as I tend to have fetish themes and push the boundaries of what is permitted on Utah stages (hot wax, fire, live piercings, and tying up my slave girl). I grew up watching movies like Strip Tease and Showgirls which is probably why people always tell me that I am definitely more of a Cabaret and burlesque performer rather than a stripper. I wear full costumes and have my own equipment such as lights and even a bubble machine. While it is a job I definitely don't take myself seriously on stage and focus on having fun. I won't try to lead you on or hustle you, I am honestly too old for games (except anything by Sony or Nintendo), lol. As long as you enjoy a good show or a genuine conversation we can build an understanding and professional experience together.