Gunner's Bar
E870 Ghelf Rd De Soto, WI 54624

Gunner's Bar Reviews

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  • review
    8 years ago
    Downhill fast
    Went to this place last time I was in the area a few years ago and they had decent girls decent staff so figured I'd make my way out again. WOW was I surprised....
  • review
    8 years ago
    sinclair's Review
    I went to Gunner’s Bar on a Saturday night and stayed for a couple hours. The club is right off of Wisconsin 35, just a mile north of the town of De Soto. The...
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  • review
    8 years ago
    Gunners/Mississippi sporting
    Overall a good experience. There were 11 girls on staff which is unusual for a club this small (one stage/pole) 6 were attractive black women, 2 were mediocre brunettes, there was 2 blondes, and...
  • review
    9 years ago
    I had heard good things about...
    I had heard good things about this place and I finally was in the area on business and had the opportunity to visit. It's a little hard to find, even with GPS, so if...
  • review
    10 years ago
    Honestly this is one of my...
    Honestly this is one of my favorite clubs. I'm an hour and half away but I'd rather drive her than any club closer. The staff is friendly the drinks are great and inexpensive and...