Civil War (2024)

Saturday, April 20, 2024 3:31 PM
I went to see Civil War last night, if I recall correctly this is probably the first time I’ve been in a movie theater since 2019. The last four years, when a movie came on the big screen it also came to your home usually within a month or two, so I didn’t see a big need to run out to theaters. Probably the same with this one but for some reason this movie fascinated me enough to run and go see it now, plus I didn’t have anything else to do last night. Fascinating movie, worth watching but not any earth shattering performance by any actor in it. Kristen Dunst looks horrible in it but I’m assuming they wanted her to look that way. Tired, frustrated and cynical. There were some raviews knocking this movie so I set my expectations low. The story follows a few press reporters who are trying to get to DC from NYC to interview the 3rd term President that hasn’t had an interview in over a year. They can’t just drive down I95, they have to take the backroads to make it there, which still is not a certain achievable route. The movie doesn’t dive into why the county is in a civil war or what factions are the “good guys” or “bad guys.” I read the director did this on purpose to let the viewer come up with their own interpretations. It did make me think a little “what would I do if this really happened?” In the movie, some people were “all-in” for the cause while others were simply ignoring everything going on around them. A lot of that appeared to depend on where they lived. This movie wouldn’t fall into Gam’s list of excellent written films but for me it was worth the watch.

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The director said it was not a partisan film, but a "love letter to battefield correspondents" or some such. I have never enjoyed of Alex Garland's films. Dredd was alright but pointless. 28 Days Later was garbage. I expect another pointless film and will wait until it hits a streamer or movie channel.
a month ago
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