There’s Always Tomorrow…

Feo, Fuerte y Formal
Friday, April 19, 2024 7:18 PM
That’s what I told myself last night. I had done some medical tests and still have to wait for the results. Instead of just sitting around in a hotel room I reminded myself that there was an alternative place to wait. So, I got on a plane and flew to where I knew there was plenty of cold beer and very hot naked women. Unfortunately, when I arrived, I was thoroughly exhausted from a variety of reasons with age being the most significant. The thought that “there is always tomorrow” and the desire for sleep overruled the siren call of naked women. The truth is the there won’t always be a tomorrow and as that day approaches, I do sometimes wonder about the way that I spend my time. Should I be drinking and seeking out the company of “fun” girls or should I be spending my remaining time on more productive and wholesome pursuits? And just how much time and effort should I be devoting to various pursuits? And how much longer can I keep up the pace? For me at least the first question was recently answered when I heard that my favorite club in the entire world had closed without notice. The news turned out to be false but it had sent me into a full fledged depression for more than a week. I didn’t know why it had hit me so hard. Then I remembered the first time I had visited the club after the recent worldwide lock-downs. When I had first walked in there was a genuine reaction that I can only describe as excitement by all those employees that I had known over the years. What an ego stroking boost that was. After much catching up and thirst quenching, I remember sitting back and taking in my surroundings. Nice lighting, nice music selection, nice volume, beautiful and friendly dancers (not an ugly one among them), cold beer, and perhaps most of all many friends among the staff. As I sat there thinking, I realized something I had never thought about before that moment. I realized that I was genuinely happy and completely worry free. This was where I wanted to be more than anywhere else. Some may find that a sad commentary on my life that such an empty and meaningless experience could make me happy but how many people can honestly say they are ever “no shit” happy? The thought of never experiencing that again and worse never seeing those friends again is what had sent me into my depression. I truly think that if I had my choice, then I would like to drop dead with a beer in one hand and a naked girl in the other with a smile on my face. So tonight, I’m going hopefully give a lot money to some very naked women. After that there is a club that is still open calling my name and that I have a burning desire to visit once again before there is longer a tomorrow for either me or for the club.


There is never a sad commentary in finding your true happy place. Many people go an entire lifetime without having the "genuinely happy and completely worry free" experience. Others may find it in the early morning on a lake while fishing. Some at a family BBQ or holiday meal. I think our modern world, while it is supposed to have provided us with the best quality of life and most ease of leisure, bombards us with so many distractions that it is as hard as ever to find that perfect space. Good for you, I am happy you found yours.
a month ago
It would be good if I gave more money to charity. But, if I give it to hot women, and they don't give it to charity, isn't that there fault then?
a month ago
It’s a lucky man who knows what truly makes him happy, and a luckier one who can get the freedom to pursue it. I am happy for you, brother. Enjoy the titites!!!
a month ago
Your commentary is refreshing. Life is short. Balance is always good IMO. I don't skip trips and experiences because I'm a degenerate SC addict. But, I don't forego trips to the SC which would be amazing because I'm chasing after an unattainable "go see everything" life either. The world is too big to take in, in one lifetime anyway. So at the end of the day, do what makes you happy. Most of all, NEVER give two shits what others think. The world creates a box for us and indoctrinates us at an early age to be "good citizens", teaching us skills that don't matter a lot and whose primary goal is to serve the interests of the state, the wealthy, and the powerful. When you do something that seems "weird" to these people, celebrate it. In our age of fake plastic lifestyles, you are a real one brother. Cheers.
a month ago
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