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Asian Dancers

Monday, July 3, 2023 6:34 AM
I have a thing for asian women. Are there any Asian Dancers currently working in the Pompano / S. Fla clubs? There used to be a smokin one at DD's with the stage name Yuchi but I haven't seen her there is some time.


I can only speak of the Tampa area but I suspect the breakdown will be similar between central and southern Florida metros. So to answer your question (and not discounting that any given place could have anyone working), an Asia, there may be one in a place that has 40 to 50 dancers working. Florida is about 3% Asian. That group will include from the Philippines to Japan to India. I assume you are speaking specifically about Asians from the Orient, so the pool to hire from that sub group will likely be around 2% of Florida’s population. The largest hiring pools for Florida, in order: White, Hispanic (Cuban being by far the biggest Hispanic pool), Black. These groups are many times over bigger hiring pools than Asian.
a year ago
For all the years I have mongered in this, and many other Pompano clubs, and even back when Solid Gold was in Ft' Lauderdale, I don't believe I've seen more than 5 Asian looking girls combined, there just isn't a very large Asian community, in this area.
a year ago
And I'm not sure you would want many they would be hustlers like the Cubans.
a year ago
In Florida, I have only ever seen three Asian dancers. The first was a Philippine at Cheetah Sarasota. One Laotian was at (now closed) Solid Gold at Pure Platinum. Finally, an Asian at Babe's long before it was Allure. There is a smoking hot Asian bartender at Lookers, but she is a sweet lady and only serves drinks.
a year ago
In general, my experience isn't much different than 25's. Not a lot of Asian's in south Florida strip clubs. Solid Gold has few dancers period, it's a good place to find dancers over 35 yrs old, but that's about the only thing I'd count on finding there. That said, there's an Asian girl who regularly works at Cheetah Pompano on dayshift or mid-shift. Clara Trinity works sporadically at clubs in south Forida, I've seen her at Cheetah Pompano a few times and at Vixens. There's a couple who kinda have a vague Asian look to them who work at BT at night, but they aren't there often.
a year ago
Out of the hundreds of strippers in south Florida I've seen I honestly can't think of one
a year ago
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