Papi_Chulo mode

Friday, June 9, 2023 8:16 PM
We can't post images anymore, so I hope you can see this. [view link] You will need a Twitter account, and it will need to have the allow adult images flag set.


Yup. That's PC mode.
a year ago
This chick just joined twitter and you found her that quick??? The view pics you can see all involve her bent over...I'd like to see her standing, preferably turned to the side and back, so I can see if she really "Papi Chulo mode". Being bent over is one of oldest angle tricks in the book.
a year ago
Why do you need to see pics on this site. There are plenty of other sites for that if you want to look at pictures. Seems strange to look a pictures considering everything that is available on line and in clubs.
a year ago
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