Celebreties and Strippers

Saturday, January 28, 2023 11:24 PM
Funny reading. [view link]


Lance Armstrong - Didn't that guy lose one of his nuts? I went to college with a guy like that. I don't know why or how everyone knew about it, but his nickname was Mononad.
a year ago
The balls of that guy!
a year ago
he could have took a shot and tried to tip the waitress with a couple of livestrong bracelets.
a year ago
That is one ugly ass stripper.
a year ago
One of my favs danced on a couple celebs. One was Tiger Woods, he took her to the couch room, and asked her to be in an orgy with some of the other dancers. She declined, so he tipped her $100, and cut the dance short. She has some regrets, because the other dancers who did do the orgy made several thousand each. She also danced on Ron Jeremy, who she found repulsive, obnoxious, sloppy drunk, and badly in need of a bath. But she said the club shot girl, who didn't even want to do lap dances, fucked him. She said Bree Olsen feature danced at a club she was working at, and see fucked the guy the club sent to pick her up at the airport. But she said Bree was pretty blotto so probably not as hot as she was in her porn work.
a year ago
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