Derby Festival in Louisville

Thursday, May 5, 2022 12:16 AM
So if you're coming to Louisville, here's a very brief rundown of the clubs that are left. I sometimes do an article with more detail, but I've been a bit on the busy side this year. To start off with, if you don't already have a room, good luck. The <em>good</em> hotels have been mostly book since last year, and though they still have a room or two available, they're expensive, as in 4 or 5 times the usual rate. There are a few rooms in the outlying, less expensive hotels, but most of those are also more expensive, though generally not so ludicrously. Priceline still shows are fair number of rooms actually available though, which is somewhat unusual for this time of year. As for the clubs, if what you want is eye candy, PT's and maybe Godfather are going to be your go to. Neither of them is located as close to the track as many of the others, but the drive is generally worth it. PT's cover is probably going to be $20-25, maybe more on Friday and Saturday. They were $25 last Saturday night around 9; I almost didn't go in. My "maybe" for Godfather is because I haven't been in there for a couple of years, but their IG has several lookers, and according to the one dancer I know works there, they keep it updated pretty well. They were scanning licenses the last time I was there too. Next tier is Foxy Lady and Thorobred, on Berry and 7th Street, respectively. Both of them are likely to be pretty busy, with plenty of girls, and they'll definitely be the least expensive, though only <em>relatively</em> so. Foxy Lady has declined somewhat with the exodus of some of the hottest girls to PT's. This is a management problem, as the current manager has basically declined to address some legitimate gripes several of the girls have had, including refusing to kick customers out when appropriate, waitress thievery, dancer drama, and such. Thorobred will have <em>lots</em> of girls, and they'll likely be mostly hot. With all the money flying around, both of these clubs potential for reasonable prices is low. Wild Horse (or whatever they're calling it this week) and Body Language have lately been after hours clubs, opening some time after I'm already on my way home. I haven't seen much traffic at either of them lately, but others tell me they're still open. No clue about quality. Sugaland, aka Greenlight, and eXclusive, aka Dollhouse are now closed, both allegedly from liquor violations. eXclusive is allegedly opening in another location, outside Shively (because a liquor violation precludes reopening for some period), but I've not seen any mention of where. They spent a <em>lot</em> of money remodeling that place, so it might be a while. Showgirls, formerly Deja Vu, is another one I haven't visited in about 6 months. Their IG is pretty full of hot girls, but unless they're remodeled, there is absolutely no place in there to get any kind of privacy. As well, the last time I was in, it was still a $12 cover, but you had to actually pay for soft drinks and water, where before they were free. Allegedly they serve alcohol now though. Pussycat Lounge on Poplar Level Rd is still owned by the Thorobred chain, but it's not been that great over the past year, not even as good as Thorobred. Mostly bigger girls, and lots of Hispanic customers. Brief, and nowhere near comprehensive, but it's what I know.


Good info for when I'm in the area... Thx
2 years ago
Several years ago I was passing through Lexington during the Derby week and had to pay double for a hotel room.
2 years ago
Thanks GMD. This is a very informative post about Derby area hotels and clubs. If anyone is making the trip, they should read this first.
2 years ago
Pretty solid description as usual GMD. Here are my thoughts on the clubs in Louisville. I am not a local but I do hit the Louisville clubs while I am in town about every 3-5 weeks. There are a couple of general things you should know about clubs in Louisville if you have never been. First, don't expect any type of full nudity on stage or in any widely visible lapdance areas because local laws eliminated that years ago. The girls will usually get fully nude during vip dances even though they technically aren't allowed to. Second, if you are sitting and talking to a dancer expect a waitress/bartender to stop by soon to ask you to "buy the lady a drink" and don't expect the girl to stick around long if you decline. Also, be aware the drinks you buy the dancers are going to be significantly higher (avg about $20/drink) than the drinks you buy for yourself. PTs clearly has the best looking girls in town but they are also the highest priced and they have the lowest mileage during dances and vips. If you are the type that likes a good stage show, a party club atmosphere and beautiful girls and aren't looking for high contact dances this is your spot to enjoy the eye candy. Godfathers has the second best looking girls but their prices are also the second highest in town. The dance mileage is higher than PTs with most girls offering pretty good two way contact but extras are basically non existent. If you are someone who enjoys a good lapdance from beautiful women and aren't looking for extras this would be my choice. They also have the best liquor selection in town. Like GMD said they are the only club around that scans licenses so if that is a deal breaker avoid this place. Thorobred is my go to club in Louisville because in my opinion it offers the best mix of good looking girls, high mileage dances (extras possible in vip depending on the girl and your budget) and reasonable prices. The normal lapdance area is a bit uncomfortable and too much out in the open in my opinion but the vip rooms are great since the renovations. The selection of girls can be a bit of a hit or miss with the best selection obviously on weekend nights. I have been here when there are about 2 dozen dancers and I have also stopped by and only found 2 girls working. Foxy Lady is very similar in quality, mileage and cost to Thorobred and for years they were neck and neck in my opinion but over the past couple of years I have had bad luck here with rude dances and staff. I know a lot of guys that still swear by this place so it may just be my bad luck. I'll still swing by if Thorobred is a miss on a given night but it is a distant 2nd option now instead of being neck and neck. They do have a better standard lapdance setup than Thorobred if that is what you are looking for. If I am in town for more than one day I usually find time to make a stop at Pussycat Lounge. You won't find any real stunners here but there are usually a couple of decent girls. If you like curvy Latinas and curvy aa dancers this is your best bet in town. If you go for white spinners don't bother coming here because chances are there won't be any. The prices are cheaper than other clubs and extras are available but it is hit or miss on whether you will find a girl that is worthwhile. Also, parking can suck if it is busy so you may need to park in the empty lot from a former strip club next door. Rustic Frog across the river was usually fun but I just realized I haven't been over there since before covid started so I can't give any recent advice. Probably need to make the drive and stop by there on my next trip into town. Blue Diamond used to be fun but there is no way I would go back now. They jacked their prices sky high, eliminated any privacy from the vip rooms and they have never had any stage dancing to speak of. You can't even sit and enjoy a drink with a girl unless you spend at least $50 to buy her a drink which is outrageous even for the high priced dancer drink racket that most Kentucky clubs have. I've never had any luck at Showgirls so I stopped going there many years ago. It is right down from Churchill Downs so during Derby week they might be worth checking out and who knows they may have have gotten better or they may still be a waste. If any of the clubs down on Dixie Hwy survived covid I would be surprised since they have all been on death's door for years so I wouldn't recommend making the drive to find out. Can't speak to to Wild Horse or Body Language since I usually club between around 5pm-midnight and these clubs aren't even open by the time I am heading back to my hotel.
2 years ago
Thanks, whodey, I completely forgot about Blue Diamond, probably because it sucks so bad I haven't even bothered with it since my last review of the place. The Frog can be fun, but it will be expensive. I've had some really nice times there, but I usually don't feel like crossing the river, especially now with the I64 bridge under construction. As far as I know, none of the clubs down Dixie Hwy are still open. I get down to Radcliff once or twice a month, and there's nothing ever there anymore.
2 years ago
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