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Av Constitución 414 Zona Nte., 22000 Tijuana, B.C. Mexico

New Review from PAFBABS, this is the way it should be!

Tuesday, November 30, 2021 10:27 PM
Chicago Club PAFBABS [view link] This is the way it should be, great front room feel up and makeout sessions. Only then do you take her arriba. Or maybe you just continue right there. This is the way it should be in the US today. We can have it this way if we move to the private party / membership club model [view link] We must not let Deja Vu continue to take over more US clubs with its Clip Joint Business Model. And most of the time then it will end up closing some of the clubs, knowing that zoning rules make it impossible to open any more. And we must not let them export this Clip Joint USA Model and destroy TJ, as they seem to be attempting to do! SJG

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I read recent reviews and it sounds like this place and its women are just very laid back and great. Perfect for Front Room Feel Up And Make Out Sessions. Maybe even more front room. Not clear how good this is for Toda La Noche or for taking a girl outside. SJG
2 years ago
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