Centerfold's Cabaret
2031 W Peoria Ave Phoenix, AZ 85029

Centerfolds will reopen on Thursday 8/16/2018 at 9 PM. There

Sunday, August 12, 2018 4:58 PM
Centerfolds will reopen on Thursday 8/16/2018 at 9 PM. There are auditions for nude entertainers on 8/15 7-10PM Apparently without the liquor license. At the August 2, Arizona Liquor Board hearing Patrick "Z" (one of the owners of Hi-Liter) moved for a rehearing of the rejected license transfer at June hearing A hearing was granted. Instead of the Centerfolds old license, they are attempting to have the license of Welch's Garage in Scottsdale transferred to Patrick Z at Centerfolds. The matter was scheduled for a hearing on August 9th However, then Frank Z as agent for Hi-Liter and a Lienholder for Hi-Liter motioned which was granted to continue the hearing to reverse the June decision to September 6. A Motion for Associate Counsel Pro Hac Vice was also filed. Pro Hac Vice means allowing a non-Arizona attorney to act as attorney. The hearing is now scheduled as part of the agenda for Sept 6th starting at 10 AM in the Hearing Room at 800 W Washington 5th Floor. Note the club was closed in 2016 after the doorman murdered a handicapped fire fighter in the parking lot. At a Public hearing in 2017 before the Phoenix city council, residents and police opposed the transfer of the liquor license to Hi-Liter owners. The neighbors told of all the sex, used condom, damage to property, used needles on their property by customers of Centerfolds. Since the club closed there have been no more incidents.


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