I'm at the club on Vday.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018 6:10 PM
I'm here on Valentine's day I know pretty PL of me. There is me and 3 other PL's so far...LoL


  • larryfisherman
    6 years ago
    Bro, I’m the club too. When I first arrived about an hour ago I was the only customer lol. Thankfully since then five more customers have come in. So far I’ve seen one PL give a dance a flower. You know when she gets to the dressing room she is throwing that shit in the trash lol.
  • anon4231
    6 years ago
    I considered it, but I don't get paid 'til midnight and I don't have enough cash hanging around that I can have my "typical" night at the club. I guess I could go for a really late night, but meh. Need to work tomorrow and too much bullshit to do.
  • anon4231
    6 years ago
    (of course, hanging out on TUSCL is just as much of a PL thing to do, so I think we're ultimately even)
  • RandomMember
    6 years ago
    Leaving for a sugar date soon. We're going out to late dinner at a popular place and could barely get reservation (no not Olive Garden). She's 21, pre-law, on cross-country scholarship, liberal and politically aware. Hoping it's back to my place after dinner.
  • ButterMan
    6 years ago
    Well it should be back to your place afterwards if she is a SA girl I hope. Update....My night in the SC wasn't bad. I met one of my new favs up there for a few dances. The same one that says her ex bf will now stop texting me..LOL We are going to text tomorrow and talk OTC prices. And I saw a new blonde there who said its just another work day to her and we did 2 dances on the way out. It never did get busy. I got there at 9 and left at 11 and there were less than 10 guys there when I left. And I never saw anyone hand out any flowers or chocolate.
  • JohnSmith69
    6 years ago
    I spent VD with the DS at her club once. It was awful. Never felt so incredibly pathetic.
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