2020 Convention Season in Louisville

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Friday, January 31, 2020 1:22 PM
It's coming up on convention/festival season again in Louisville, Famers and Derby being the highlights, and so it's time for another club run down. As was the case last year, I've listed the clubs in the rough order of *my* preference. I don't go as often as I used to, so there are likely some gaps in my information. The clubs I haven't been to lately are listed at the bottom, and based on both my out of date imprssions and general comments I've heard from others. This is a summary of clubs. For more detail, you should refer to the individual club pages. Note that for *all* clubs on the Kentucky side of the river, nudity is prohibited by law. This means no bare breasts unless the nipple is covered. Some clubs choose to let the girls use pasties, some simply require the girls to keep their tops on, and some don't care which. One club lets the girls use clear or flesh colored latex paint as a pasty, which can look pretty realistic, but isn't at all realistic to touch. That club doesn't allow much touching anyway though. Unless otherwise noted, all clubs on the Kentucky side have a drink hustle, where you buy time with the stripper by buying her a drink, a portion of the cost of which the dancer is paid. Prices range from $16-$24 for the lowest level, all the way up to $60 plus for extended time. Expect the girls to move on quickly if you choose not to buy them a drink, especially when it's busy or the waitresses are being pricks. I have never bought more than the lowest level drink in any club here, and then (with the exception of favorites who I know won't screw me over on the time) only when I actually want to talk for an extended time and the club is busy. Otherwise, I buy dances or VIPs most of the time. The clubs I've been to more than rarely. Foxy Lady (Berry Blvd): Still my favorite club. Weekend nights feature lots and lots of girls of all sizes, shapes and colors. Lap dance factory, and dancer dependent high mileage is possible, as the area is semi-private. Six VIP rooms, which are available for forty-five minutes (for the old hour price of $160), as well as 60 ($220), 90 and 120 minute intervals (I've never asked for thos prices. Constant stage show after about 8, and approximately hourly name announcing parade of all available girls on stage. Dancer drinks are $31 and up. You can sometimes get them to admit to a $16 version, but usually the dancer won't stick around nearly as long. Dances are advertised at $40 per song, but there are half-hourly 2 for $30 "specials". I have *never* paid $40 per song in this club, no matter what time of day. Thorobred Lounge (7th and Berry): Much improved over the last few months. *Much*. New decor, new stages, new bartenders, new manager. Lots of girls, not quite rivaling Foxy Lady's numbers, but just as good looking and diverse. Dancer drinks are $22 and up, half hour VIPs are $140. There's an hour, but I don't know what it is. Privacy could be better, but it's acceptable if one is careful. Highly recommend. Blue Diamond (7th Street): Quite a letdown since last year. The disinterest in stage dancing has gone even further, and the bar will not give you change if you should happen to want to tip on those rare occasions when dancers get up there, or if you just want to tip a titty or something. Not sure what happened, but the half hour VIP now has to have the door open. If you want to shut the door, you have to pony up for an hour. And the girls seem to want much larger tips now. Dancer drinks are $24 all the way up to fucking ridiculous. Half hour VIP is either $135 or $140, hour is $250. Pussycat Lounge (Poplar Level Rd): Owned by the same folks as Thorobred, but they don't appear to be paying the same attention. Prices are the same as TB, but the two VIP rooms are actually a bit more secluded. Girls are usually pretty decent. No stunners, no hags. Body Shop (downtown): A Very small club. Not a good layout, with the stage behind the bar, and no access while the dancers dance. Instead, they do an annoying post dance tip walk. Lately a few more good looking dancers, though the bartender who shows her pussy on stage is death on anybody else even pulling out a tit on stange. Prices are nowhere near in line with value. PT's Showclub (downtown): Still glitzy and high priced. Still usually has some of the best looking girls in town. Still mostly little to no touching allowed, unless the dancer and bouncer cooperate. Bouncers still often stroll through the lap dance area checking. VIPs are still the most expensive in town, and least value. Constant stage shows on multiple stages at night, usually only one stage on days. No drink hustle, but the girls will want the good liquor when you choose to buy. Dances are in the back secluded, but not private, area, and you need a $6 wristband to get back there, which is on top of the $10 cover. Dance prices are $40 per song, and $100 for three. VIP are more costly enough that I've never paid attention when somebody tells me what they are. As I recall though, they *start* at $375 for a *half* hour. Greenlight Lounge (7th Street): Although slightly improved since some of Bottoms Up's old staff started working here, if you like paying some of the highest prices in Louisville (and probably be extorted for more besides) to be entertained by drug addicts in a smelly club, go for it. I still go once in a while to see what's up, but it's hardly ever been worth it. Clubs I haven't been to, or or only rarely. Spinners (was Rustic Frog) (Old River Rd, IN): Big inside. Haven't been since the rename, but I'm told it's substantially the same. Godfather (Preston Hwy): Haven't been in a couple of years, but others (including a bartender with whom I'm friends on FB) tell me that it hasn't changed much. Another glitzy club, though not as expensive as PT's. Trixie's (Preston Hwy): Closed. Dipshit son inherited from his father and ran it into the ground. Sad. Fantasy's Island (7th Street): Probably the diviest club in Louisville proper. The club itself is shit. With rare exceptions, the dancers are large. Not thick, large. I've seen one dancer I like there in the last six months. Prices not bad, but no privacy at all, no curtains, no doors, in the two VIP rooms. Body Language (was Diamond's Cabaret) (7th Street): Have only been in once since it changed ownership and name. Was met at the door by a bouncer with a fucking tommy gun or Uzi looking thing around his neck. Fucking retard. Cover was $10. No girls. I have heard that they're more of an after hours club now, and not so much a strip club. Showgirls (Taylor Blvd, used to be Deja Vu Showgirls): Going downhill. Still a ridiculous cover, still no alcohol, still no nudity. eXclusive (was Dollhouse) (7th Street): Went once. Eleventy billion cars in the parking lot, 4 customers, 3 dancers. Two fancily dressed doormen who patted us down ineffectively. Honestly, didn't stay long enough to evaluate the place. Teh new car smell wasn't conducive to a good time, and I haven't taken the time to go back. I still haven't gone down Dixie Highway.


GMD good descriptive write up, but it sort of confirms what I remember from about 15 years ago at the derby, there's plenty of great spots to party in Louisville but the strip clubs suck compared to what it;s like down here.
4 years ago
Actually, 15 years ago it would have been lots and lots better. That was before the no-nudity law.
4 years ago
@prevert, It wasn't *that* much better when they could get nude but then, I've never thought it deteriorated as much as some others perceived. Sure, the whole nude experience isn't on display out on stage, but most of the girls don't seem to mind when the setting isn't so public.
4 years ago
Great run down. Agree with 25
4 years ago
@twentyfive, part of the reason that Derby wasn't quite as good for those of us with more earthy desires is that there was *so* much money in town that the girls didn't really have to work for it. That was true then, but it's less true now without the nudity. For some reason, high rollers don't seem to want to pay premium prices for covered bodies. :)
4 years ago
Earlier discussions about Louisville had always put Blue Diamond on top. Yes a very good descriptive style. And all the more important as it sounds like things are changing, mostly improving. SJG
4 years ago
45 minutes $160, and 60 minutes $220 doesnt make sense. You’re generally supposed to get a better value the more you spend or the more time you buy. I dont see why they would price an hour at $220
a year ago
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