Reviews by mdizzle

  • review
    6 years ago
    Lamplighter Lounge
    160 Larpenteur Ave W St Paul, MN 55113
    Quick Stop In
    I decided to stop by lamplighter because I was in the area and I've never been there before. It's located in a very well lit strip mall along side a busy street. I went...
  • review
    7 years ago
    Fat Jack's Cabaret
    1682 Wall Ave Bock, MN 56313
    passing through
    I decided to visit this club only because a dancer I knew from another club worked here. I visited the club in the late evening so the road to the club was a...
  • review
    8 years ago
    Choice Gentlemen's Club
    254 N 2nd Ave Minneapolis, MN 55401
    stopping by
    Choice is one of those places that you'll never notice because it doesn't advertise itself as a strip club from the sign on the street. On my way out, I even had some men...
  • review
    8 years ago
    Sugar Daddys
    500 66th St NW Sauk Rapids, MN 56379
    fun Friday
    I visited this club this weekend and had a great time. Since it was Friday there were more girls there than usual. There where not very many patrons there. I'm not sure if this...
  • review
    8 years ago
    The Key Club
    4100 US-1, The Bronx, NY 10466, USA*
    lazy afternoon
    I decided to go into this place to kill time while visiting the area. The place looks pretty small from the outside, and for those who drive, I didn't see much space for car...
  • review
    8 years ago
    Dream Girls
    12 N 5th St Minneapolis, MN 55403
    This club is really a hit or miss. There are times when I have gone where there are no good looking girls except maybe one, and other times when there maybe like one girl...
  • review
    8 years ago
    Sin City Cabaret
    2522 E 135th St, The Bronx, NY 10451, USA*
    wrong time, or wrong club?
    I walked in on a Monday afternoon. It was dead in there which is not surprising for that time of day. What was surprising were the quality of dancers and the music playing. There...
  • review
    9 years ago
    Rick's Cabaret
    300 S 3rd St Minneapolis, MN 55415
    This is one of the nicer...
    This is one of the nicer clubs in the Minneapolis area. I think this club is owned by the same company as downtown cabaret, and the clubs are set up kind of similar to...
  • review
    9 years ago
    BJ's of Minneapolis
    2000 N Washington Ave Minneapolis, MN 55418
    If dive bars are what you're...
    If dive bars are what you're into, than Bjs is the place for you. It is a one level establishment in a part of town that has definitely been known to have a shooting...
  • review
    9 years ago
    424 Hennepin Ave Minneapolis, MN 55401
    I have been here a couple...
    I have been here a couple of times and the past, and this is a pretty decent club. Its not really big, but there is a club atmosphere. They play hip hop and the...
  • review
    10 years ago
    Downtown Cabaret
    115 S 4th St Minneapolis, MN 55401
    Visited this club around 10 pm...
    Visited this club around 10 pm on a Saturday. There where maybe 30 girls working and they all were stunning. The actual Club had a nice feel, very clean atmosphere. When I went in...