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    3 years ago
    It's Back
    For the not enough club details comments: I was quoted $75 for 3 songs. Not enough club details? Parking out front can be dangerous as you have to back out onto a busy frontage road. There used to be just chairs that would pull up around the stage. Now there are black leather seats. Downside? WAY too much time between dancers. Like up to $20 minutes. And I bought Amaya an $11 drink and then she went to sit with some guy.
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    7 years ago
    Detroit strip clubs
    Carnival Strippers
    Tri-State Fair, Superior Wisconsin, the summer of 1978. I was a camp counselor at a place about 50 miles away and you got one day off a week and you hoped that the two or three other counselors who got the same day off, one of them had a car. Because then, you could sleep in, drive up to Duluth, fuck around all day and maybe get some good food before tavern hopping back to camp at night. So, they had a girly show. So, we had fake ID's since we were 16 or 17. So, the dancers name was Heather, her bush was shaved into a heart, she had reddish hair and she danced to "Undercover Angel" by Alan O'Day and "Hot Blooded" by Foreigner. I'm not able to hear any of those songs, 39 years later without instantly being there in the front row thinking "So that's what it looks like!"
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    7 years ago
    Hit or Miss, but the hits are incredible!
    Has anyone gotten a dance from Soni? I'm wondering what the mileage is.