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Bare Assets: Management charges + Dance charges?

Wednesday, November 29, 2023 2:37 AM
Would anyone have a recent pricing criteria, that can be used as a yardstick? On our main page, we have 20-25$ for dances, but a split up would be most meaningful. 1. Couch Dances (cost per song & mgmt fees, if it is separate) 2. TD cost (of course no mgmt fees) 3. VIP cost (mgmt fees separate)


Couch dance 20/ song TD no need VIP $100/ 15 min $150 / 30min
6 months ago
Latest updated info. As of Dec 2023. Nick, the mgr gives tours to new visitors. Also extended a free drink as a courtesy. 1. TD: There is no TD. 2. Everything is paid to mgmt - no negotiations with Dancers. 3. The payment INCLUDES $ to the dancers. A. Couch Dance: 40$ / song, all inclusive - Paid to Mgmt - no negotiations with Dancers. Dancers might ask for tips? - straight hall with small area for dances - may be a foot of partitioned area - not logical to go there, since the VIP is almost just double, and gives an even better timing. B. VIP: Day time: 100$ / 15 mts (Day) (Night after 8 pm is doubled) - Sectioned / shared room containing 4 partitioned VIP area, with reasonable privacy. Day Time: 150 $ / 30 mts (Day) (Night after 8 pm is doubled) - LARGER room, secluded.
6 months ago
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