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Where is Paradise?

Adventures of Assjobman
Thursday, January 13, 2022 4:45 AM
I can't believe I'm making one of these kinds of discussions. But for real, has anyone who frequents this club seen her lately? Since my review of this club a couple months ago, I haven't seen anyone mention anything about her. Has she moved on to greener pastures? Hopefully wherever she is, she's ok.


  • flick.rick.2008
    3 months ago
    Paradise is still there and is as freaky as ever.
  • TFP
    3 months ago
    Yeah I saw some reviews months after I made this post saying she was back. I guess she just took a hiatus from the club. Good to hear she's back and still gives excellent dances. I've been solely hitting Gold Club Centerfolds but hearing Paradise is back at Pure Gold gives me a reason to switch up a little bit.
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