The Whiskey
8556 Park Blvd N Seminole, FL 33777

Update dance prices & new girls

Monday, September 27, 2021 7:07 PM
I stopped dancing here for a year and just came back. They have a lot of new girls mostly chubby & spinner white girls, no latinas, a couple tall lighter skinned AAs, and at least 1-2 darker AA girls. Their new vip prices are 2 songs for $50, 15 mins for $100, 30 mins for $200, 1 hour for $350. The vip booths are comfortable and you get some privacy.


Where is desertscrub complaining about club ads ?
3 years ago
This isn’t a club ad I’m just updating some information lol. Some people have no idea that this club even exits
3 years ago
Sorry. Inside joke about desertscrub. He calls everything a club ad.
3 years ago
Kiwi ... you should message founder (the site owner) about getting your profile marked as a "dancer" profile. You can message founder from here: [view link]
3 years ago
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