Rustic Frog
1720 Old River Rd New Albany, IN 47150

There is NO WAY this club should rate #31 of the Top 40.

Saturday, July 24, 2021 8:03 PM
I have been to this club many times Simply because the Louisville Clubs are less than desirable. However this club is just a bikini bar loaded with ROB'S. I Will go and watch stage performances to kill time but I have been ripped off here too many times by ROB'S that promise everything and deliver nothing. There is a flaw in the algorithm if this Club rates 31 on the top 40. Does anyone else agree ???


  • Warrior15
    3 years ago
    Then do a Review yourself. If enough people agree with you, then than rating will come down.
  • jackslash
    3 years ago
    Local reviewers write most of a club's reviews. They don't know about the better clubs in other cities.
  • whodey
    3 years ago
    I agree 100%, that's why I stopped going here a while ago. Not sure why you even go for the stage show. If you just want a stage show without buying dances just go to PTs. Both places are a ripoff when it comes to getting dances or vip but PTs has better eye candy on the stage.
  • crazyjoe
    3 years ago
    Did you try shitting there?
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