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what is the usual tip for a $100 stimulus package

Lapdance connoisseur
Wednesday, September 12, 2018 3:32 PM
what is the usual tip for a $100 stimulus package 30 minute session in a VIP room. Are there any extras ever available?


  • IwillLapAdancer
    5 years ago
    I have been in a few of the VIP rooms, and one thing I can tell you for sure is, that there are no extras ever available. As Chris Rock says, "there is no sex in the Champagne room". Varies per dancer, but a $20 - $30 dollar tip for the "waitress" was what I've experienced.
  • Nidan111
    5 years ago
    Ummmm....LOL. You and Chris Rock obviously do NOT know how to Rock!!! When I do VIP, the fee for no extras, but champagne is $150. For an extra $40, Billy Joel sings me a melody. For an extra $100, Frank Sinatra is very active. I have been to SCs 18 times over last 12 months. FS X 16 of those visits, even in the non extras clubs. Just speaking the truth.
  • Cashman1234
    5 years ago
    It appears the OP answered his own question - as he replied to his own discussion. How much does the room cost? How much does the dancer get? I only tip on performance and I base my tip on the dancers take. But, I don’t go VIP unless there are extras.
  • Hank Moody
    5 years ago
    There’s a glitch in the forum software. The original post is on the Baltimore Gold Club page and is over a year old. The question is a good one as ‘stimulus’ is a gold club promotion event with discounted room fees and it’s not clear what the typical tip on top of that is. IIRC, I tipped $80 for 30 minutes on top of the $100 room but I’ve only done it once. I’d like input from others who’ve done rooms at Gold Club.
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