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    3 years ago
    Worth coming back to.
    Arrived before the cover charge took effect right when they opened. Order a beer and for two, happy hour to my surprise 1 main stage, 2 side stages. Because I was early it was 15 mnutes before anyone got on stage. Pretty much 2 girls on stage at a time, 1 main, 1 side. Main stage has plenty of seats around it. Center bar slao has plenty of seating. Only one bartender, service was slow at times. Great lunch special $6.99 prime rib. Asked how I wanted I said medium rare, steak came it was medium well wasn’t expecting Ruth Chris. Was good for the price. 10 dancers, 2 Latinos rest white with no AA dancers range 6 to 9. I was approached by a Cuban dancer named shay. Very pretty spinner. Called me papi which I love but had a phone meeting shorty. $30 private vio dancers. Heard there are more Cubans at night that can get aggressive. Heard extras available on some girls menu with items as high as $200-$300. My opinion this place is worth comming back to.