Reviews by Partcrazy

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    7 years ago
    King Street Cabaret
    1337 King St Charleston, SC 29405
    Early evening Saturday
    Stopped by with the wife Saturday evening about 7:30. Only a few customers and 3-4 girls at that point but more started showing up. Only had a girl on stage once in awhile but that...
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    7 years ago
    Pink 301
    3538 Five Chop Rd Orangeburg, SC 29115
    Hope I'm wrong
    The wife and I have been to Mr Happys about 6 times in the past 1 1/2 years. Each time they only had 1-3 girls to choose from, not much to look at in most...
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    7 years ago
    2015 Pittsburgh Ave Charleston, SC 29405
    Early evening 7-9 pm
    Have been there a few times around 7-9pm. Went there with the wife. No one on stage, a few girls sitting around. The happy hour is till 8pm and is Dirt Cheap! Bottle of...