Reviews by SpeedRocket

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    7 years ago
    G Spot
    137 E South St Akron, OH 44311
    Stopped in Dreamer Girls on a Thursday afternoon. Was stopping at a couple of places that day and since I had never been here before, I made it my first stop. I'm glad it...
  • review
    7 years ago
    Bottoms Up Lounge
    567 Grant St Akron, OH 44311
    Always woth the time
    Bottoms up is always worth the time. When I walked in there was only 1 girl in the bar and I was thinking that this trip was going to be a bust, however within...
  • review
    7 years ago
    Lusty Adventures
    41 Stanton Ave Akron, OH 44301
    First Time
    First time here. It was worth my time. Unlike other reviewers, I never felt worried about the neighborhood, or parking or safety. Walked in, took a moment for my eyes to adjust. there were...
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    7 years ago
    Ole Glory Daze
    998 S Main St Akron, OH 44311
    Worth the trip
    The club is a nice little dive bar with very friendly workers. The bartender was very sweet and wasn't against showing her tits along with the dancers. I sat down with my beer and...
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    8 years ago
    Hot Laps Sports Bar
    7512 Columbus Rd NE Louisville, OH 44641
    Nice place to visit
    Stopped in on a Tuesday, not too long after opening time. There was only one girl dancing, but she was outstanding. The barkeep told me that more girls were expected, but sometimes they are...